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Welcome to Houston House Call Doctors. The information on these pages is specifically catered to our Houston patients.

Want to bypass making a phone call and check on getting a refill or schedule an appointment? Established HCD patients can do this right from this website using your Houston Automated Answers Section. You will receive a prompt reply to your phone or email.

We've also provided a contact list so you can learn exactly who it is you need to speak with in the office to get your questions answered.

And don't forget to visit our "How are we Doing?" page to voice your opinions.  They really matter to us!

Houston's Main Phone:  (281) 412-4434
Houston's Fax Number:  (281) 412-6970

*All mailed items are to be sent to Corporate Headquarters at:

7610 Hwy 71 W, Suite F, Austin, Texas  78735

*However, House Call Doctors strives to be a paper-free organization and faxes are not only preferred, but receive priority attention.

* Liberty
* Chambers
* Brazoria
Fort Bend

* We offer limited service areas in counties marked with a star. Please call our office or contact our Intake Department for details about your particular area.  
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This section is for our established House Call Doctors' patients only.  If you are a new patient interested in learning more about our services, please visit our New Patient page.

Click on a button below and your question will be answered by phone or email within 24 hours.  If you are in need of immediate attention, please call (281) 412-4434.  If this is an emergency, please call 911 promptly.
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